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The "Angel likes to bottom" Project!

I guess it’s not a secret that I really really enjoy stories where Angel is submissive. *g*

These are all the stories that I could find with bottom!Angel. I’ve been adding to the list for a while now but since I’m not the most organized person in the world I have to assume that I missed some. Also, I haven’t been in the fandom for too long so I bet there are many stories that I haven’t read.

If you know a story or have written one could you please please give me a link so that I can add it to the list? *puppy dog eyes* (any other comments, suggestions, are of course welcome).

You’ll probably notice that there’re not many het stories in the list and that’s simply because I don’t read het very often, but if you know a good het story with submissive!Angel will you please tell me?

I’ll leave this post unlocked because I want to share the sub!Angel love. :)



• By kidcyclone:

“Childe-Rearing” : Darla teaches Angelus how to be a good Sire to William. (there’s also spangelus with bottom!Spike)


• By rockstarpeach:

“Trade You” : Angelus and Caleb are priests who wander from town to town, abusing their congregations, and students. Ethan has similar methods at his own school. Ethan and Caleb bond. (Human AU)


• By snogged:

“Breaking Rules” : Angel is a bad boy and broke the rules. Giles has to punish him.


• By ash_carpenter:

“Lazarus” : Angel is a teenage hustler whose life gets turned upside down by Lindsey McDonald, a trick who’s a lot more than he seems to be.

“You Want Revenge?” : Langel, with bottom!Angel, and Spike as a voyeur.

• By darklingdawns:

“Bring Your Collar, Bitch” : Lindsey dominates Angel.

• By spankspike:

“Just Call Me Daddy” : Before the final battle with Wolfram & Hart, Angel told Lindsey he wanted him. Lindsey just may have read a little too much into that.


• By sevendeadlyfun:

“Collaring Redemption” : Angel is Oz’s pet. They keep it a secret from the rest of Angel’s gang. (flocked at feedmykink)


• By ash_carpenter:

“A Gift” : Spike gets a special gift for his birthday. Tied up Angel.

“Power Play” : Set very early in Season 1 of Angel. Evil!Spike and (slightly grudgingly) submissive Angel.

“Interlude” : Spike and Angel have fun before a meeting.

“Bad, bad boy..” : Spike/Angel daddy!kink with Spike as the daddy. (With Lindsey as voyeur)

“Ownership” : Angel gets possessive and Spike decides to teach him a lesson (spanking).

“Nirvana” : Spike is a hustler and a shy and new to sex Angel is his client. (Human AU)

“Double Bluff” and its sequel “Tag Team”(Angel/Spike/Lindsey) : Angel fantasises about his brother and tries to find a way to get physical with him. He succeeds beyond his wildest dreams. (Human AU)

“Fallen Angel” : set within the Birthday Verse. one-armed!Wes/insane!Angel and Spike too.

“Daddy Issues” : Spike punishes Angel for having sex with Lindsey (daddy!kink, spanking)

“Debt” with rockstarpeach : Spike shows up to collect something he thinks Angel owes him.

“Sire” : Evil, unchipped Spike turns a Shanshued Angel and teaches his insolent childe a few new lessons. (flocked at nekid_spike)

“The Prince and the Pea ” : A retelling of the Princess and the Pea.

• By bookishwench:

“Simplicity Itself ” : Spanking, daddy kink and bottom Angel

• By darklingdawns:

“Pulling Strings” : Angel receives an email (anonymously sent) that describes a new drug that can cause the person who has taken it to lose their ability to control their sexual urges.

“Unspoken Desires” : Angel wants to be Spike’s slave.

“The Right Motivation” : Spike and Angel go to an undercover mission. Spike is the Master, Angel the slave.

“Daddy's Home” : Set after ATF, Angel was hurt during the final battle and Spike takes care of him. (dirtybadwrong)

“Something To Do” : Spike/Angel phone sex

“The Devil's Own” : William Pratt was the devil, but only his friend Liam Jacobs knew it (Human AU).

• By deadlynight27:

"Long Day": Angel had a hard day at work and needs to unwind. Spike knows just the trick.

• By hello_spikey:

Human AU, teenagers Spike and Angel : Spike seduces Angel in the showers.

• By hotfortwins:

“The Past, The Present and The Future” : Spike contemplates his on-off relationship with his souled and soul-less Sire.

• By jasonsnene:

“He’s Got Leggs, Take Two” : Angel has a new fetish, women’s lingerie. Spike approves.

“Branding” : Spike develops his own brand of sex toys and tries them on Angel.

• By katsa_db_lover:

“Spike’s birthday wish” : Angel should think before making promises. (flocked)

“Pain is so close to pleasure Chapters” : William gets a "brother" Liam ,when his mom decides to invite her new boyfriend to live with them. (WIP,Human AU) (flocked )

“Under the sea” : Spike is a successful singer. One day he finds something from his pool that changes his life forever. (WIP,Human AU) (flocked )

“Streetwalker Diaries” : Spike (22) is a streetwalker who’s got hots for the cute AND shy college guy, Angel (17). (WIP,Human AU) (flocked )

• By lilithbint:

“Desire” : In order to concentrate more fully on his mission, Angel decides to overcome the distraction of physical pleasure by wearing a chastity device during the week. He allows himself one orgasm on weekends, but then puts it right back on. Nobody knows about this. Then one weekend he looks for the key to his belt, and it’s gone.

“Yes Sir” : Mr Spike has to keep Liam after class again for not paying attention. Liam is a very naughty boy indeed.

“Letting Go” : After the events with Cordelia in Season 5, Spike confronts Angel about grieving and letting go.

“The Collar series” : After episode 16 in AtS season One Angel does not escape from the fight club, in the chaos following the demons escaping Angel is knocked unconscious and taken to another fight club in New York. Spike did not return to Sunnydale after failing to regain the gem of Amara from Angel so was never captured by the Initiative and does not have his soul. The action is set two years after The Ring.

“Submission” : Angel insults a demon client and has to be Spike’s slave until he learns a lesson.

“Coin-Operated boy” : Spike has an Angelbot.

“Touching” : Spike sets out to seduce Angel.

“Bubble wrap” : Spike walks in on horny Angel and bubble wrap.

“On Top” and its sequel “Willing” : Spike takes something for Angel and in order to give it back Angel has to do anything he wants.

“Enough” : Spike spanks Angel. (flocked at nekid_spike)

“Give and Take” : Angel likes to bottom. (flocked at nekid_spike)

“Owe you” : Spike feels he owes Angel for the whole poker incident so he decides to make new memories.

“What Are You?” : How did Spike really manage to beat Angel for that cup?

“Kink scenes” : A series of unconnected kink scenes (in some of them Angel is submissive and in some dominate).

“Whenever you need it” : Angel doesn’t ask very often but Spike is always willing to take control as required (spanking, daddy!kink).

• By laisserais:

“Pride” : Spike wants to punish Angel for stealing Dru. He casts a spell and brings young Liam into the future. (set during Btvs season 2)

• By mandarin226:

“Doggy Tale Drabbles” : Angel ruined Spike's duster and must now pay the price.

“Portraits of an Angel” : A talented young artist is in an abusive relationship with an older man. (Human AU)

“Feminine Side” : Spike casts a spell on Angel. Angel gets in touch with his Feminine side.

• By Marilyn:

“Beloved Pet” : Puppy was magically transported from the Wishverse and kind of landed on Spike's doorstep.

• By bookstorequeer:

“Daddy Dearest” : Angel/Spike daddy!kink. (flocked at nekid_spike)

“Taking Care” : Angel is hurt and Spike takes care of him (daddy kink). (flocked at nekid_spike)

“The Nine Lives of Angels” : Angel is turned into a cat. (flocked at nekid_spike)

• By purpledodah:

“Spike's Boy” : Angel becomes Spike’s baby boy.

“Where the streets have no name” : Angel is a homeless street kid, Spike is a New York cop. (Human AU)

• By rockstarpeach:

“Worlds Apart” : Spike is a cop who happens to cross paths with Angel, a handsome young homeless man who is starting to get his life together. (Human AU)

“Bad Little Boys Get Spanked” : Angel is a bad boy and Spike has to spank him.

“Debt” with ash_carpenter : Spike shows up to collect something he thinks Angel owes him.

“Mutually Beneficial” : Angel is stressed out from work, and Spike just wants to help.

• By Shara Nesu:

“Reversed Roles Series” : Angel becomes Human during AtS Season 2. The change is hard for Angel to come to terms with, but with the advent of an unexpected accident, Angel finds himself a vampire once again. But not only that, he's now the Childe of Spike.

“Angel's Slavery” : Set in the Puppy-verse. Angel is taken as Slave to the new master of Sunnydale - Spike.

“Earthbound” : Angel returns from Hell, but it isn’t Buffy who discovers him, but Spike.

“Second Times” : Spike gets Willow to do a Time Spell. Off course as Spike's plans always work - not - unexpected events take place and Spike destroys the fabric of time. Now he has to correct his mistake, which leads him to Ireland.

• By snogged:

“Changing the Rules” : Spike changes the rules and dominates Angel.

“Corset” : Angel and Spike play naughty games. Angel wears a corset.

“Cop!Kink For Champions” : What Spike did after he kicked Angel’s ass in “Destiny”

• By softbluebuddy:

“In These Arms” : Angel was clearly having a really bad day. Spike picked up on that and decided that he knew what Angel needed, and that was to let go a little bit.

• By spankspike:

“Equals” : Spike dominating Angel - but why does Angel want that?

“The Birthday Special ” : William's a shy poetry professor, hoping to meet someone to make him feel less lonely. Angel's a worldly teenage whore, more than happy to oblige him with a little company - if the price is right. (Human AU)

• By spikesredqueen:

“Leather & Lace” : Spike is locked in a room with Angel before the ritual to restore Drusilla.

• By spikes_kogagirl:

“Who’s Your Daddy?” : Spike, Angel, spankings and daddy!kink.

“A Vampire Christmas Carol” : Spike and Angel spend Christmas together.

• By stolen_childe:

“Midlife” : Spike is 15 years older than Angel, they both have kids, they start dating but there are many obstacles to overcome. (Human AU)

• By temari_jemz:

“Bonded” : Spike and Angel were both cursed with souls by the Gypsies on the same night. They have drifted apart and back together many times over the years. Now they are working in L.A., living in the Hyperion, helping the helpless. (chap 1-4, chap 5-6, chap 7-8, chap 9, chap 10-11, chap 12-14, chap 15, chap 16, chap 17, chap 18, chap 19-20, chap 21, chap 22, chap 23-25, chap 26-28.)

“Angel’s Spanking” : Set in the “Bonded” AU. Angel is naughty and Spike has to punish him. (flocked at darker_spike)

• By thelastchickpea:

“A Deathday IOU” : Angel's bad at giving presents. Lorne is helpful, Angel is submissive, and Spike is thankful.

• By tibialisant:

“Kink in the Apartment” : Spike and Angel have some naughty fun (daddy!kink, spanking)

• By weinerdogsmama:

“Paycut” : Angel distracts Spike during a meeting at Wolfram and Hart. It's his own fault when smut ensues.

• By xeelia:

“Spike Gets What he Wants” : Spike wants to top.


• By bookstorequeer:

“When Their Master’s Away…” : Angel and Spike are Doyle’s pets. (flocked at nekid_spike)


• By lilithbint:

“Inhibitions” - “Obedience” - “Discipline” : A release inhibitions spell cast by Ethan on Giles unleashes a series of events that even the chaos mage did not anticipate. (Also Giles/Ethan/Xander)


• By ash_carpenter:

“Not so covert” : Angel thinks Spike and Lindsey are having sex. Spike and Lindsey decide to mess with him and trick Angel into following them to a gay bar.


• By rebcake:

“Rules and Customs” : Dinner hour in the Wish!verse. (flocked at nekid_spike)

Angel(us)/The Master

• By sevendeadlyfun:

“A Teaching Moment” : The Master takes time to share a teaching moment with Angelus.


• By darklingdawns:

“Healing Touch” : A day at the spa takes an interesting turn.


• By ash_carpenter:

“Fallen Angel” : set within the Birthday Verse. one-armed!Wes/insane!Angel and Spike too.

• By rockstarpeach:

“Not Like This” : Wesley and Angel have a talk, man to man, with Angel locked in a cage and Wesley tries to work through some of his issues. Goes AU at the end of Orpheus.


• By spikesredqueen:

“Never Alone” : Vampire Willow plays with her Puppy.

• By velvetwhip:

“Bars alone are not what keep him there” : Set in the wish verse. Vamp!Willow/puppy!Angel (100 words drabble).


• By attackoftheburn:

“Punish Me!” : Angel’s being very naughty a lot more often than usual and Xander’s trying to keep him in line.

And sth extra just because :)

David Boreanaz/James Marsters RPS:

• By lilithbint:

“Pyjama party” : David orders something from the internet and he can’t wait to try them out.

• By spankspike:

“The Games Men Play” : Everyone knows that if you sleep with the same person enough times, you need to find fun ways to keep it interesting. Well, James and David are no different. This scene finds them just after James has signed on to do the play in L.A., playing a few games to keep things hot and steamy. (daddy!kink)
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